Bexley's 2018 Mini Holiday Gift Guide

Bexley Design Co // Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Tis the season!

…to try to find beautiful gifts for all the special people in your life!

If you’re stuck on what to get the ladies in your life, here’s a mini gift guide made just for you! Whether it’s your mom, girlfriend, best friend, sister, daughter, or wife, this holiday gift guide includes gifts for every woman in your life (most of which are handmade by super talented artisans)! And the best part? They range from $10-$50, with many options under $25! Hooray!

Bexley Design Co // Holiday Gift Guide 2018

So here’s the breakdown… on what & where to buy those last minute gifts you need for under the tree this year.

  1. Customizable Acrylic Christmas Ornament from Bexley Design Co (Search through “Our First Christmas”, “Tied the Knot”, “Engaged”, “Baby’s First Christmas” and more, to find that perfect custom ornament for those oh so special life events!)

  2. Jewelry from Ah Design + Diy (check out Ashley’s save the bees collection if you’re environmentally conscious!)

  3. Ring Dish from Tidy Clutterings (so many options to choose from!)

  4. Hair Comb from Cinder & Sage (these range from $25-33, but she has lots of jewelry and hair accessories available for under $25 as well!)

  5. Concrete Diamonds from Mind the Minimal (see their concrete planters too, so cute!)

  6. Natural Wood Coasters from Gaston Made (these can be anywhere from $30-$50, but as they’re hand crafted, they are so worth it!

  7. Recipe Card Set from Bexley Design Co (printed on recycled stock!)

  8. Running out of time and still don’t know what to get? Chocolate or alcohol are honestly great gifts for all woman (or nearly every woman I know anyways!!). Or go all out and get liquor filled chocolates like these from Anthony Berg! (Available in other places as well)

Bexley Design Co // Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Well that’s it! 8 gift ideas for any lovely lady in your life!

But I’d get shopping now, many of these goods are homemade and their shops will be closing in the next week or so, so get your order in before the final holiday rush!

Here are a couple images made just for Pinterest!

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Bexley Design Co // Holiday Gift Guide 2018
Bexley Design Co // Holiday Gift Guide 2018
Bexley Design Co // Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Still need ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree?

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